Diego was bought from Alastair Kirkham at the end of 2015, Alastair won the championship in 2012 and 2013 after a long period of ownership. The car was also campaigned successfully by FIA and British GT racer Ryan Hooker in the early 2000’s.



Taz was run as a hire car by Victoria Garage until 2012, before being sold to Guy and Linda Warren. Linda scored her first career podium in the car before switching to a Tony Mekwinski car for 2016. Taz was subsequently hired out to 2015 champion Adam Croft who won twice at Anglesey in a short 6-race campaign.

Poppy Rose

Poppy was built in 2004 by Ian Doughty, he came second in 2006 championship then sold it to Craig Robertson. He then sold it to Pip in 2008. Pip won the 2009 and 2011 championships before selling to Damien Cottrell. Damian went on to win the championship in 2012 and sold the car on to Mervyn Beckett for the 2013 season. Jason wood became the owner in late 2015.


In 2007 John Hemming started building it to replace his car. He ran the car once but found it not to his liking so put everything back on his other shell. Pip bought it in 2013 raced first time in 2014 at Silverstone, scoring a podium on the car’s debut. It has won 8 of out 18 races contested.