Prior to the start of the 2019 season here are some cool stats.

PDC Statistics 2016 - 2018

See the tables below for Results so far from the 2019 Season:


As of 13/08/19 we have 7 drivers that have competed in Classic Stock Hatch.

From the 31 overall entrants we have:

Jason Wood 6th / Martin Rodgers 9th / Pip Hammond 12th / Pete Osgerby 19th (And Top Novice) / Imran Khan 21st / Stephen Potts 26th / Ian Gribben 31st.


As of 13/08/19 update Pip & Gavin are 6th from 35 in Class B

Two no scores in the opening 2 rounds dented the title challenge but we continue to aiming for podiums