Oulton Park 14th Sep - The Team Works

Here is a take from Pip Hammond on how Oulton went :)

I don’t think I’ve ever been so pleased to finish 2nd!

I love racing at Oulton but I was a little bit worried that the Boxster might struggle against some of the more nimble cars. Fortunately - with this being Gavin’s home race - we were able to get some Friday morning testing in and while a series of red flags limited our running to minutes rather than hours, it was actually the first time we’ve been able to test the car beyond its initial shakedown... after 3 races! This set us up well for qualifying, in which we took 6th in class, 17th overall - our best to date!

Jon Elsey

Jon Elsey

Along with a strong turnout from the PDC regulars, we also called upon additional local knowledge of our Muffin Motorsport 2CV 24 hour teammates Chris and Maria. This set up a tweak to our pitstop procedure following the fuel “scare” at Silverstone, where Chris joined Rich on fuelling duties. Jason would run comms, Esther on timing, Sheaky on filler cap/fire extinguisher, and even our former rival Ryan Lowry was standing close enough to get roped into pitstop duty at the time!

Gavin drove a strong first stint after initially getting shuffled back by some wayward cars on the first lap and the race settled into a rhythm for the first hour or so until one of the TCR Seat’s went off at the first corner. There was a delay in deploying the safety car which looked like it might catch some of the team’s out who blinked early whilst cars were still circulating at racing speed. We tried to play a little strategy here but it didn’t quite work out - although it didn’t cost us much ground either. Nevertheless the class B order in front of us was a little jumbled up when the race restarted.


My stint really came together and for the first time I was really able to move forward through the field. After making up a couple of spots to 5th, a second safety car bunched the field again and put the next 3 cars in my sight for a 20 minute sprint to the end (the NSX was laps ahead!). I got a good restart and within a couple of laps I pushed my way to 2nd, and made a little gap to hold until the end. It was also 8th overall!

I’ve won some big trophies and races over the years but this second place is up there with them all. There was some good fortune, good strategy and good people involved. But this result didn’t flow easily, it was a grind and grinds don’t always pay off. But that’s why it’s rewarding. We’ll keep making it a bit better every time, and keep creeping it towards the front.


Thankyou as always to PDC RacingRS Components#ABAC #AIRNETMorson InternationalCarbone Lorraine CL Brakes UKMOT Motorsport - MRF Motorsport Tires, Pin Gin#SRElectrical and all family and friends for the support. We have a something a little special planned with RS for the final round at Silverstone - more to come on that soon 😎🏁

Donington 7th & 8th September

The team arrived at the track ready and prepared for the Friday test. 4 of the 5 drivers getting a feel for MSV`s Donington before the weekend antics commenced.


Paul Thorpe made his debut with the team, Ian Gribben returned to build on his Silverstone performance, Pete Osgerby was back to keep up the chase for the Novice title and Jason Wood and Martin Rodgers were out to continue their fierce but friendly rivalry inside the mega competitive top 10. Family and friends accompanied us in what was to be another belting race weekend.

Raceday came on a classic autumn day, cool and crisp with enough sun to keep you happy and the threat of rain as likely as a sensible political debate. Jason was quickest out of the blocks in the top 5 early in the session. A motivated Martin and a resurgent Paul delivered late on to qualify 6th and 9th respectively. Jason a frustrated 12th with less than a second between him and 2nd place confirming the competitive nature of this championship, his discipline in driving the newly shaped chicane perhaps costing him. Pete qualified 19th from the 24 starters 1.5 seconds behind his title rival Kelsall in 17th. Ian rounded off the PDC drivers with 22nd.

Race 1 was an exciting affair throughout. “Wild Wood” (Video with thanks to Phil at Pescara Productions) making up for his qualifying frustrations by going sideways through the chicane hot on the tail of Martin. Martin wasn’t to be outdone this day and drove solidly to finish 9th, Jason 11th. Story of the race was team debutant Paul Thorpe who rolled back the years and showed some quality finishing up 5th by 1/1000th of a second to the excellent Ted Cooper. Pete Osgerby got the better of Richard Kelsall in 18th with Ian losing out to Kelsall on the last lap leaving too much room mistaking him for a front runner, despite that taking 3 seconds off his qualifying and showing some real competitive spirit to finish 20th. A special mention to friend of the team Stewart Place for his 1st win in the championship.

Race 2 was more of the same. Martin improved with a 7th place, Paul had to settle for 9th with Jason pushing on in 10th, Pete improved to 16th and Ian finished a career best 18th getting quicker all of the way through the race.

Tarts or Muffins?

Check out Esthers review of an excellent weekends racing this weekend gone at Snetterton with the 2CVs :)

Dreams do come true, thank you to everyone that was a part of this weekends dream coming true for me!

Many years ago my uncle showed me a photo of him asleep at a 24hours race he spannered for, and ever since I’ve wanted to experience one for myself! Thank you to Adam Lines who put me in contact with the most perfect racing couple Maria Cooke and Chris Yates who went out of their way many times organising track days, moving seats and dashs around for my long legs to fit and just doing all they could make me feel at one with the car before, during and after the race, thank you for building good solid cars. Both legendary and very accepting people!

Thank you to the girls who raced with me Jessica Owen and Shirley JH best racing sisters from other misters ever! They accepted me no matter my ablity just wanting to have fun and fun was had! 👍🏻

Thank you to the many mechanics hands that touched the car too many hands to name individually but who without each one we wouldn’t have been on track! The people that belted me in and generally dressed me, who listened to my wee strategy! To Ben even though he was ill making sure we had fuel in our car! To fire extinguisher Beth and other the people that stood on the pit lane watching us go round and round. It was so conforting to know you were out there even in the wee hours!

To all the people involved in the food....ensuring i was feed and watered at the odd times! To everyone that helped unpack and pack even the kicthen sink and the people that stood over that sink! 🤣

Thank you to the people that came to watch me and supported me at the track The Hammond’s and the Wood’s! 👍🏻 You’re legendary! To my mum who you even let hold a pit board in her pinny! Thank u to my uncle for not only getting me into 2cvs but who came to the track, slept in his car and got up to see me go on the silly o’clock drives!

Thank you for the supporters all over the world looking at live timing and were as excited as i was! To Mangan family who are the best most surportive Tourettes parents ever. To STEMillie who even though on holiday stayed up to watch the livestream! To people in America from the Tourette’s Podcast who were excited and rooting for me.

Thank you to the people who financially supported me to go racing, to SR’s (Electrical Wholesalers) whose sponsorship allowed me to obtain my dream. Your help was very much appreciated.

Thank you to the 8am ECAS driver who whilst following, I got my first draft and beat my personal best! Thank you to boyfriend who at 2pm left his drafting group to run three laps infront of me getting the Tarts time time down to sub 2mins! The image of the guys hanging over the pit wall waving a 1.59 pit board...me fist buming the air and then looking in my rear view mirror seeing pip fist bumping the air will always stay with me!

Thank you to the commentators, live streaming people who mentioned my name, and caught my spin and other moments on video! Thank you to the marshalls who kept us all safe! This was such an amazing weekend the people at the event and organisers the event are one of a kind amazing people.

It takes a village worth of people to go racing and i appreciate every single one of you and i will remember this weekend for ever!

SilverSTEM & Classics - 10th & 11th August

The team were back at Silverstone just weeks after the Woods had been on site as part of the Silverstone Classic with 750 MC.


Club Enduro raced on the Saturday with Gavin & Pip and Jason, Martin, Pete and debutante Ian were geared up for Sunday racing with Classic Stock Hatch.


New to the car, and the surface, and the (excellent) MRF Tyres, familiarity in qualifying was key. Gavin started qualifying, graciously being given more time by the more experienced Pip. That didn’t stop Pip going 2 tenths faster in his shorter stint to put the PDC RS Boxster S 8th in class in qualifying from the 22 entrants.


Gavin started the race and lost a few places in the first 2 laps due to a knocked mirror on the drivers side reducing his visibility. He steadily made places back before more drama, a spinning lotus saw him leave the track and take to the grass in avoidance, later in the stint comms to the pit wall went down, later still a harness (now replaced) worked loose from the HANS leading him to pit.

Pip got into the car with the team 8th, he crossed the line in 5th, pipped to 4th on the last lap hindered by lack of comms and lack of fuel, excellently managing the car home with mega consistent lap times. We gained some much needed championship points that puts us 6th from the 35 class entrants with 3 rounds to go.

The highlight of Saturday (apart from the presence of Abac / AIRnet representative Ian Best and the lovely Julian and Jo paying a visit) was the visit of STEMilie (or those not on twitter, Emilie.) We first met Emilie at the excellent STEMfest hosted by our partners RS Components and she took a keen interest in the car, Esther and our team, such is her love and motivation for STEM. We invited Emilie and her family to Silverstone and they kindly came to support us. Ellie got to engineer our car and played a critical role in the result, taking care of basic duties with Tyres, wheels & oil and water levels. We look forward to welcoming her and her family at future events.



Classic Stock Hatch is known for its competitiveness and that suits our four drivers, each winning their own battles through the sun, wind and rain.

Race 1 was Ians debut and the only bad news of the weekend when a fuelling issue made him a DNF. Pete drove brilliantly all race to fend off drivers seeking to take points away from him in the novice championship, Martin was aggressive from lap one again cracking the top ten after duelling with Jason all the way through the race, Jason equally aggressive sat on Andrew Thorpes bumper, got past, and did everything he could late in the race to pass Martin before settling for another top 10 finish.

Race 2 was more of the same with Jason and Martin battling early before taking 11th and 9th respectively, Pete kept the top spot in the novice championship with another solid finish and Ian finished his first race tabling lap times 5 seconds quicker than his time in qualifying in worse conditions!

Jason and Martin now sit comfortably in the top ten of the championship, Pete heads the Novice Championship and Ian gets his first finish and points on the board in his debut.

Special thanks to all of our family and friends who supported us at the track.

Check out our race calendar for whats up next

Silverstone Classic


The Wood family are the heartbeat of PDC Racing. From the hardworking, supportive and thoroughly decent Jason & Tina to the bright and engaging Jake & Billie this is a team that decides what they are doing..and just does it.

PDC Racing was formed in Jason & Tina`s garage in 2016 as a family team and now boasts 7 cars, over 20 members, 4 championship wins and some brilliant memories. Another created on 27th & 28th July at Silverstone.

Jason’s Vauxhall Nova GTE would put the old production line to shame and wouldnt look out of place in a new car showroom. Thoroughly rebuilt in homage and respect to its past racing history, the car and the Woods were invited to Silverstone by 750MC for the classic with the chance to drive the circuit on parade laps and take part in an event hosted by Mike Brewer.

Jake got to ride shotgun with his Dad on the GP layout whilst Billie was up on stage meeting/questioning Mike Brewer and challenging him to a race with the PDC Crew (which he politely declined), he likes fixing, buying & admiring cars not racing them it seems.

A good weekend was had by all at this wonderful event. One day we may just be racing here.

Spa Franchorchamps & Cadwell Park


Two circuits we love in equal measure that posed as much threat as they did opportunity.

Our two most recent events did not disappoint with the majority of the team on hand to support in both Belgium and Lincolnshire.

First up was the “New” PDC Boxster making its debut at the iconic Spa Francorchamps in Belgium. Very limited testing had taken place in the hastily developed Porsche but the team came away with a 6th and 4th from 18 in class to record a successful weekend. Pip & Gavin both loved the circuit and are hoping for a return next season. All credit goes to the team for working tirelessly on the car to get it ready in just 2 weeks and they were duly rewarded winning the TEGIWA team of the weekend award from the 43 entrants. Thanks to Ian, from our partner ABAC, for making the journey with us and helping out in the pit stops!

A week later we made our way to Cadwell with Record numbers racing. Pip Hammond was back to assert himself as the “King of Cadwell”, Jason & Martin both now established top 10 drivers were keen to make their mark and keep up the momentum at their home circuit, Pete now leading the Novice Championship was pushing hard to keep at the top and friend of the team Imran Khan was making his debut in the teams newest Nova GTE.

Hammond wasn’t to be denied as he took Pole & 2 wins. Martin took a 5th on the Saturday earning him driver of the day but was frustrated to finish 15th after an off in race 2. Jason Wood was rapid all weekend with a 6th and 10th to keep him firmly in the championships top 10, Pete Osgerby kept his novice championship challengers at bay with a 21st and 16th from the 23 starters. Imran was disappointed with an 8th in Race one despite never having driven the new car before, such is the quality of a driver, he came 9th in race 2 and enjoyed his weekend overall.

#STEMfest with RS Components & Monition Ltd


A big thanks to our friends at Monition who invited us to their parent company, the giant, RS Components STEMfest event at their Corby Site on 4th, 5th 6th July.

Over 500 Primary & secondary school children attended across the 3 days and it was brilliant to see how engaged and interested they were in STEM activities.


Lots of children sat in the car and discussed Motorsport, engineering and future aspirations with the team in what was a really rewarding few days.

We look forward to welcoming RS and some of their STEMfest attendees at Silverstone this coming weekend.

For more information on RS Components and the good community & education work they carry out check out FOR THE INSPIRED https://uk.rs-online.com/web/generalDisplay.html?id=fortheinspired&intcmp=UK-WEB-_-HP-HL-_-BRA_045_1117BR_FTIHub-_-fortheinspired

2019 Update..


We didn’t keep our word…and for that we are truly sorry. The website took a bit of a back seat as we campaigned on several fronts towards the end of 2018. We are back at it and excited to share news with you on a regular basis going forward as the team grows again.

To update from the last post…

Martin Won the Novice Championship as Jason did in 2017.

Gavin won the Porsche Championship as Pip did in 2017.

Jason had his best ever season and has continued that good form into 2019 sitting firmly in the CSH top 10.

Esther is back out racing in 2 weeks in her biggest racing challenge yet. 24 Hours in a Citroen 2CV. testing went well last week so we look forward to seeing how she goes.

Pete has campaigned a Classic Stock hatch Season after an impressive and enjoyable debut in the Porsches.

Friend of the team Imran debuted with us recently at Cadwell Park.

Ian Gribben debuts with us this coming weekend at Silverstone.

Thatll do for now, the next posts will update you on some off track antics and more detailed and timely updates will be forthcoming :)

Not Long to go....

Its been a long year on and off the track.

14 Races in Classic Stock Hatch Championship & 23 in the Porsche Championship (and some others).


The finals weekends loom in the distance offering equal opportunity and threat for the remaining PDC Squad with titles to fight for.

On October 7th Jason & Martin take to Snetterton 300. Martins aim the novice championship to emulate his good friend Jason’s dominance in 2017. For Jason, after a year that has seen huge improvement in pace, the top 10 in the overall championship remains a mathematical possibility, much deserved after many top 10 finishes this year.

On October 20th & 21st Gavin & Pete head to Donington to wage war in the last 3 races of a bizarre season. Pete makes his debut and we are all mega excited for that and Gavin hopes he can keep up his good form to win the Championship as his good friend and teammate Pip Hammond did in 2018.

Its all to play for and the team will be out in full force to support.

There have been many more positives this year. A class podium for Esther in her debut in 750Mc Roadsports a particular highlight and debuts for Ian Gribben & David Sheakey that takes the teams core drivers numbers up to 7 for 2019.

As 2018 soon ends we wont wait to plan for 2019. We plan to build on the success of the last 2 years and are already discussing opportunities for more mutual benefit and exposure (and fun) with partners.

We have received some excellent support this year from PDC, SR Electrical, Howdens Joinery, Pin Gin, Toyo and others. These are the stars of our season keeping us racing and making it fun.

The next few weeks is critical to securing the rewards the team deserve for a long hard season, we will keep you updated on that progress, you can be sure we will give it everything.

Hey, Welcome to 2018

Its not you, its us.



Our apologies for a bit of a gap in website content.  Analytics show we are getting more visitors but our focus has been on the track and the cars as the team continues to grow.

We are really grateful for the continued support as we grow and win across various championships.

We have had 6 drivers race this year for PDC with another planned in October, we have raced this year in England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium & Holland!

We will endeavour to keep the site updated, at worst, on a monthly basis.  We have charity work, school visits and lots of racing planned in the remainder of 2018.  If you want to know anything in the meantime checkout our twitter, instagram or facebook, even go old school and email us info@pdcracing.com we would love to hear from you.



So its the day after the Snetterton weekend, all at PDC Racing are back into the normal day to day but the experience of being part of this weekend will live long in the memory.

We will highlight the facts before we do anything else.

As a team this weekend we achieved the following in the BRSCC Toyo Tyres Porsche Championship:

Another valuable support this year are our partners, PDC, SR Electical Wholesalers, Orion Group, Anthonys Travel, Pin Gin, Tag Em, Carbone Lorraine, WGC, Styrin, Humberside Tints, 924OC, Golf Guide they all enable us to spend more time in the seat and we are proud to be associated, their reach generates interest and offers opportunities up for us to give something back as we have done with our recent school visits and regular forays into tv and national and regional press.Qualifying - 1st P Hammond 2nd G Johnson

Race 1 - 1st P Hammond 2nd G Johnson

Race 2 - 1st P Hammond 2nd G Johnson

Race 3 -  (Reverse Grid) 1st P Hammond 2nd G Johnson

Fastest Lap - All 3 Races - P Hammond

Lap Record  - P Hammond

Barn RuchE Trophy Winner - P Hammond

Motorsport News National Racing Star of the Week - P Hammond


An unbelievable weekend on track spearheaded by Pip Hammond and supported with best ever career results by me.  We came close to the "perfect" weekend earlier in the year at silverstone but my 3rd place in race 3 prevented it.  Im glad I could contribute this time and thoroughly enjoyed race 3, it was earnt.  Thanks to our friends and teammate the Woods for visiting to support on the saturday it is great to have the around.


Enough about me (and Pip) what this weekend proved is that drivers are nothing without the team that works alongside them.


Pip, Esther, Jason and the rest of the PDC team work tirelessly on these cars.  Whenever I get in my car I believe it can do what I need it too and without a doubt it has made me a more confident and quicker driver.  The team are in the garage night after night making sure our cars are as right as they can be. 


Then when the weekend comes they are all over the place fixing any niggles and focusing on setups that may just give us those vital tenths.  The success this weekend as far as im concerned is more about the work Esther, Pip, Jason, Rich, Sheakey, Grib, Tina, Billie, Jake, Kate, Eric and others put in out of their own pride and determination to raise the profile of the team and to give us the best possible car to race in.  The competition is fierce this year and their work makes a difference. when the weekend comes they are all over the place fixing any niggles and focusing on setups that may just give us those vital tenths.  The success this weekend as far as im concerned is more about the work Esther, Pip, Jason, Rich, Sheakey, Grib, Tina, Billie, Jake, Kate, Eric and others put in out of their own pride and determination to raise the profile of the team and to give us the best possible car to race in.  The competition is fierce this year and their work makes a difference.


Another valuable support this year are our partners, PDC, SR Electical Wholesalers, Orion Group, Anthonys Travel, Pin Gin, Tag Em, Carbone Lorraine, WGC, Styrin, Humberside Tints, 924OC, Golf Guide they all enable us to spend more time in the seat and we are proud to be associated, their reach generates interest and offers opportunities up for us to give something back as we have done with our recent school visits and regular forays into tv and national and regional press.


We are currently 1-2 in the Championship standings and will all work as hard as we can to make sure we stay there....next up its castle combe