Tarts or Muffins?

Check out Esthers review of an excellent weekends racing this weekend gone at Snetterton with the 2CVs :)

Dreams do come true, thank you to everyone that was a part of this weekends dream coming true for me!

Many years ago my uncle showed me a photo of him asleep at a 24hours race he spannered for, and ever since I’ve wanted to experience one for myself! Thank you to Adam Lines who put me in contact with the most perfect racing couple Maria Cooke and Chris Yates who went out of their way many times organising track days, moving seats and dashs around for my long legs to fit and just doing all they could make me feel at one with the car before, during and after the race, thank you for building good solid cars. Both legendary and very accepting people!

Thank you to the girls who raced with me Jessica Owen and Shirley JH best racing sisters from other misters ever! They accepted me no matter my ablity just wanting to have fun and fun was had! 👍🏻

Thank you to the many mechanics hands that touched the car too many hands to name individually but who without each one we wouldn’t have been on track! The people that belted me in and generally dressed me, who listened to my wee strategy! To Ben even though he was ill making sure we had fuel in our car! To fire extinguisher Beth and other the people that stood on the pit lane watching us go round and round. It was so conforting to know you were out there even in the wee hours!

To all the people involved in the food....ensuring i was feed and watered at the odd times! To everyone that helped unpack and pack even the kicthen sink and the people that stood over that sink! 🤣

Thank you to the people that came to watch me and supported me at the track The Hammond’s and the Wood’s! 👍🏻 You’re legendary! To my mum who you even let hold a pit board in her pinny! Thank u to my uncle for not only getting me into 2cvs but who came to the track, slept in his car and got up to see me go on the silly o’clock drives!

Thank you for the supporters all over the world looking at live timing and were as excited as i was! To Mangan family who are the best most surportive Tourettes parents ever. To STEMillie who even though on holiday stayed up to watch the livestream! To people in America from the Tourette’s Podcast who were excited and rooting for me.

Thank you to the people who financially supported me to go racing, to SR’s (Electrical Wholesalers) whose sponsorship allowed me to obtain my dream. Your help was very much appreciated.

Thank you to the 8am ECAS driver who whilst following, I got my first draft and beat my personal best! Thank you to boyfriend who at 2pm left his drafting group to run three laps infront of me getting the Tarts time time down to sub 2mins! The image of the guys hanging over the pit wall waving a 1.59 pit board...me fist buming the air and then looking in my rear view mirror seeing pip fist bumping the air will always stay with me!

Thank you to the commentators, live streaming people who mentioned my name, and caught my spin and other moments on video! Thank you to the marshalls who kept us all safe! This was such an amazing weekend the people at the event and organisers the event are one of a kind amazing people.

It takes a village worth of people to go racing and i appreciate every single one of you and i will remember this weekend for ever!