Silverstone Classic


The Wood family are the heartbeat of PDC Racing. From the hardworking, supportive and thoroughly decent Jason & Tina to the bright and engaging Jake & Billie this is a team that decides what they are doing..and just does it.

PDC Racing was formed in Jason & Tina`s garage in 2016 as a family team and now boasts 7 cars, over 20 members, 4 championship wins and some brilliant memories. Another created on 27th & 28th July at Silverstone.

Jason’s Vauxhall Nova GTE would put the old production line to shame and wouldnt look out of place in a new car showroom. Thoroughly rebuilt in homage and respect to its past racing history, the car and the Woods were invited to Silverstone by 750MC for the classic with the chance to drive the circuit on parade laps and take part in an event hosted by Mike Brewer.

Jake got to ride shotgun with his Dad on the GP layout whilst Billie was up on stage meeting/questioning Mike Brewer and challenging him to a race with the PDC Crew (which he politely declined), he likes fixing, buying & admiring cars not racing them it seems.

A good weekend was had by all at this wonderful event. One day we may just be racing here.