Poppy-Rose Track Day at Oulton Park

On Tuesday 21st February Poppy-Rose had her first track day at Oulton Park with two other cars from PDC racing; Taz - Gavin Johnson’s blue and black 924 and Nemo - Pip Hammond’s red and white Nova GTE .

Jason Wood who rebuilt the engine for Poppy-Rose, took her out to feel how the car handles and to have some fun.

Billie_low rex_cars.jpg

All the cars ran well all 3 drivers were happy with how it went. As Jason was putting Poppy-Rose on the trailer it conked out and would not start. They thought it was low on compression so on Wednesday morning Jason and his family raced home with her to get a compression test and see if it was low on compression. But luckily it was not low on compression and just wouldn’t start!