Taz Track Day at Oulton Park


We had a fantastic time at Oulton Park, where we tested Taz out in preperation for the new season. At the begining of the month the car looked like this;

We made some adjustments to the suspension geometry, weight reduction, added wheel spacers, wiring/lights check/wiggles, paint touchups and door cards.

We had it wrapped by our partners Humberside Tints

We think you'll agree the finished look is awesome and both cars are looking super swish! Red bumpers on Diego, black on Taz fit in nicely with the Nova colour scheme.

When we arrived at the track it was important to us to get the opinion of 2016 champion Linda Warren to see if any improvement had been made to the car she last raced in 2015. She was iching to see what Taz could do as much as we were! 

By the time Linda got to drive the car it was raining and greasy on the road so she took it steady... well she said she did, still looked fast to us! She defiantly saw the improvements and Esther had a whale of a time as passenger! Another guest driver for the day was Downforce Radio's Jake Sanson who got to fulfil a dream and drive a Porche 924 - he generally looked so happy all day! Jake commentates on many of the Porsche races, although he turned a few heads with his pace - perhaps he'll swap mic for helmet one day in the future?

Gavin, Pip and Esther all got to drive the car as well and only a small list of maintenance job (such as brake discs) to do she should be ready for race one of the season! The two Nova's were out in force as well, as Jason's car made it's first appearance after a long winter of work. To see more about how that went, catch up with Tilly's blog;